Turtles on Tree Trunk
Turtles on Tree Trunk
Turtles on Tree Trunk
Turtles on Tree Trunk
Turtles on Tree Trunk
Turtles on Tree Trunk
Turtles on Tree Trunk
Turtles on Tree Trunk
Turtles on Tree Trunk
Turtles on Tree Trunk

Keren Kopal

Turtles on Tree Trunk

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This item is part of the Turtles Trinket Box Series and part of The Keren Kopal collection, The boxes depict turtles in various poses, such as resting on tree trunks or swimming in the sea.
The boxes can be used to store small items like jewelry or trinkets, while also serving as decorative pieces.

Item Size:
Centimeters : H 4.6 x W 6 x L 7.5
Inches : H 1.79 x W 2.34 x L 2.93

Symbolism of Turtles

Turtles hold significant symbolic meanings across different cultures and religions:

- In Native American traditions, turtles represent Mother Earth, longevity, and perseverance.
- In Chinese culture, the turtle is a symbol of longevity, endurance, and good luck.
- In Hinduism, the turtle is associated with the world and is considered one of the avatars of Lord Vishnu.

Art Nouveau Influence

The Keren Kopal collection draws inspiration from the Art Nouveau movement, characterized by organic, naturalistic designs and flowing lines. The intricate details and use of precious materials in these trinket boxes evoke the opulence and craftsmanship of the Art Nouveau era.

Turtle Collectors

Turtle enthusiasts and collectors are drawn to these trinket boxes for their artistic value and the symbolic significance of turtles. Collectors of statues, figurines, and other turtle-themed items appreciate the attention to detail and the unique designs offered by the Keren Kopal collection. Whether used as decorative pieces or functional storage for small trinkets, the Turtles trinket boxes by Keren Kopal offer a blend of artistic expression, cultural symbolism, and appreciation for the natural world.

• Handmade by the artist Keren Kopal.
• Plated with 24K Gold.
• Each crystal is handpicked and artistically placed on each piece.
• The trinket box has a magnetic fastener to secure the closure.
• Every Keren Kopal item is shipped in an elegant black box.
• Each item is painted by hand using a unique procedure that combines a distinctive enamel technique inlaid with Austrian crystals.

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